Posted: March 25th, 2022

Custom Essay Vs Customized Essay?

What is a Custom Essay

A custom essay is an essay that is written in order depending on the persons’ specification, which means it’s tailored to your to suit your requirements and ideas which are completely original. Of course, this implies that the essay was written from scratch and passed the plagiarism test.

What is Customized Paper?

This implies a paper written for someone else in the past and closely resembles the paper currently under consideration. The writer takes the time to tweak the paper in different locations to meet the current project’s requirements. It shows there is a slight difference between a custom essay and a customized essay.

Importance of Ordering a Custom Essay

Save Time. Most students are bombarded with assignments from different classes. It becomes practically impossible to keep all the deadlines. Adding issues such as families, emergencies, relationships, it becomes extremely difficult to find a sustainable balance.

Grade Pressure. Sometimes, the student’s course is not relevant to the career that they would consider focusing on. As a result, the course becomes even hard to follow through and complete. This is where essay writing services such as Pro Essay comes to help.


  1. Go to the website.
  2. Fill out the order form.
  3. Supply all the instructions along with any additional files.
  4. Make the Payment
  5. Your essay gets assigned
  6. Download the completed paper when done.
  7. Read through the work and tweak it to make it sound like yours.
  8. Submit the project.

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Experience, expertise, originality, punctuality, and confidentiality. These are the qualities every student looks for in a writing service that will handle their papers. These are the qualities that we take pride in.

In custom essay writing, when we say confidentiality, we mean complete anonymity. Your personal information and all data that you’ll provide will not be accessible to any third parties. After you’ve purchased, you’ll be provided with a secure personal account. You can

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